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Pay as you go gyms

There are many advantages to using pay as you go gyms, including:

  • No long term gym membership commitments
  • No joining a gym then later becoming unhappy with it
  • Being able to pop along to a gym when you're away from home
  • No hidden costs
  • No time-consuming inductions

A popular pay as you go gym service is Hussle. This was launched in May 2019 (it was formerly known as PayAsUGym which has been going since 2011), and has since been featured in various media including BBC News 24 and the Evening Standard. Currently they feature hundreds of pay as you go gyms in London for which they can offer discounted access and they also plan to roll out their service to more cities in due course.

The pay as you go gym membership via Hussle consists of "ePasses", which are added to an "eWallet". One ePass entitles you to one visit to your chosen gym, and start from as little as £3. Adding additional ePasses to your eWallet is much like adding credit to a pay as you go mobile phone. You then simply take the ePass - which is a voucher code, sent to you by email or SMS - to the gym's reception, and they will then redeem it for entry. There's also no limit to the number of times you can buy an ePass in order to visit a particular gym.

Some gyms also offer their own pay as you go access, so if you don't want to sign up for a gym membership it's always worthwhile to ring around gyms in the local area and see what's on offer. Even if they don't, most will offer free visits to allow you to get a feel for their gym and the available facilities although, of course, these are normally just one-offs.